57th Annual Grammy Awards

For Your Consideration: Best New Age Album




A decade in the making,

Redemption is Paul Spaeth's most intimate and deeply personal piano music. Culled from years of poignant moments, the album has become a life-affirming beacon for those suffering from a loss, coming into their power, or any other life transition. Featuring Tina Guo on cello (Cirque du Soleil and Hollywood film scores).


Overall, what comes through strongest on Redemption is not just Paul Spaeth's talent but his risk-taking. This is a series of musical snapshots of real human drama…unconfined by the usual conventions of the solo piano genre.

- Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter


A deeply personal musical experience that draws inspiration from the well of Life. 

Emotionally evocative and spiritually uplifting, Redemption is an inspired work of art from the heart of a gifted composer.

- Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus


Redemption is an emotional powerhouse... It gives me great hope for the future of music that young artists like Paul Spaeth can carry the torch. One of my favorite [albums] of the year. 

This is music that needs to be heard.

- Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano