“My philosophy is to tap into the numinous. Like gazing at the endless night sky, it’s an intensely personal experience that leaves you face-to-face with your true nature. This is what I feel when I sit at the piano, and this is what I intend to share with all of you.”

Paul's Story

Paul’s story began in rural Wisconsin when he was three years old with a yellow, dinosaur-shaped toy piano he discovered in a toy store.

When he was nine, his grandfather began to record his improvisations, which singlehandedly sparked his desire to become a recording artist. (To hear these early recordings, see below.) 

As a teenager, he won the Pepsi-Summerfest Talent Search as a solo pianist competing against rock and pop groups, and created the music that would become his first self-produced album, Cobalt Blue. After posting the tracks on, Paul ultimately received over one million downloads and accolades such as the Top Artist in Los Angeles.

After premiering his first orchestral piece at the age of 17, he entered the University of Southern California to hone his craft, winning a Grammy Scholarship Award in the process. He has since written music for film, TV and video games, and had premieres at such prestigious film festivals as Toronto, Boston, Monaco, Naples and Montreal. 

While his palette has certainly expanded, his first love is still the piano. Fittingly, he returned to his roots and completed his album and personal journey of Redemption at his Wisconsin childhood home.

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Listen to early recordings of Paul's music

At age 9, Paul's grandfather discovered him improvising on the piano. What he heard compelled him to record these creations. An intimate part of Paul that he had never witnessed before was expressing itself. It was a rare and beautiful talent he felt needed to be shared with the world. 


Instrumental Saturdays: Artist Spotlight

If you want to know Paul backwards and forwards, listen to this brilliant, funny and engaging interview conducted by Mary Bartlein of WSME in 2011. Nearly three hours of music, stories and insights are covered in a pre-release interview of Redemption, discussing Paul's work in film music, stories from his life and the future of music.