Music has immense power to create. 

Music can usher in love, help us mend a broken heart, remind us of the past, encourage us towards our future, confront pain with unconditional love, and bring us closer to our true selves. It is no surprise then that music can also heal.

Redemption is the culmination of very special moments throughout the years. Each track came from heartbreak and hardships, joy and self-discovery, but underneath each surface emotion is the glimmer of truth’s light. Our true nature is unconditional love, and by recognizing this, deep healing can occur. I hope by sincerely offering my truth through music, I can awaken yours.

In sharing redeeming stories, we become stronger. In sharing our dreams, we share the promise of hope. For anyone who has lived and loved, I hope these musical moments will comfort and inspire. We all must find ourselves eventually.

And that is the grace of Redemption.

- Paul

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