Cobalt Blue

When I was eight years old, I began writing music on my grandparents' upright piano in rural Wisconsin.

That same beguiling simplicity is found in every piece of music I write today. As one of my listeners said, "The subtleties strike us honestly, driving to the core of who and what we are."

Between the ages of 14 and 17, alongside writing pieces for concert band and orchestra, I created the tracks that would become my first self-produced album, Cobalt Blue. I posted the tracks on the independent music website before iPods were invented and downloading music was commonplace. Simply through word of mouth, it garnered over one million downloads and accolades such as the Top Artist in Los Angeles. I could not have expected the album to be so well-received, but best of all, a lot of friends and fans were made in the process.

I hope you enjoy this reissue of my very first album. I’m honored it still speaks to so many.

- Paul

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