Stories of Redemption


Over the past decade, at the most tender moments in my life, I sat down at the piano and opened my soul. The healing music in this album was the result.

What I didn't foresee was the incredible transformation others would experience, so over time I’ve collected these stories and sentiments which give me a lot of hope during my own moments of reflection.



"Each composition, perfectly titled, perfectly placed in order, guided me through a story I needed to face:

The story of the life and death of my perfect one-day-old granddaughter.

As I listened to each note, I was able to relive the wonders of this new life and the heartbreak of the loss. While my mind, heart and soul were frighteningly wide open, each track let my thoughts and emotions flow so that I could feel them, live them, embrace them. I felt peace wrap around my soul.

It feels like this album was created just for me. For my story. It brings me to a place I like to be: peaceful, calm, spiritual, loving. It helps me heal my broken self. It helps me to genuinely pray, meditate, reflect and forgive better."  - K.P.



Your Stories of Redemption

Leave your own story of Redemption to inspire others.

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